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International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Conference in Hyderabad Dec 11-13, 2016

Indian Govt lays out road map for adoption of fuel cell technology

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Sainergy Tech, Inc. is an innovative technology company focused on helping our customers develop clean and sustainable energy. To support this effort, we commercialized polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) components, electrocatalysts, gas diffusion layers, gas diffusion electrodes, catalyst coated membranes, membrane electrode assembles, bipolar plates and fuel cell stacks..

Utilizing our unique carbon technology, we are delivering cost effective PEMFC durable high performance components. We are working hard to produce high quality and cost effective materials for the Fuel Cell industry.

Our goals:

  • To be a key player in producing next generation energy materials.
  • To advance the possibilities for clean and sustainable energy.
  • To develop high performance Fuel Cell components.
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